Heathen Crusade Tour 2018

As huge fans of Primordial, we are announcing with great pleasure that we will support the Irish legends on their upcoming tour alongside Moonsorrow. We appreciate the chance to be part of this great package and can hardly wait to present our latest album ‘Finisterre’ to new audiences all around Europe. Get your tickets now and see you in April!

12.04.18 NL, Leeuwarden, Neushoorn
13.04.18 NL, Tilburg, 013
14.04.18 FR, Paris, Trabendo
15.04.18 BE, Brugge, Entrepot
16.04.18 UK, London, Islington Assembly Hall
17.04.18 LU, Esch-sur-Alzette, Kulturfabrik
18.04.18 CH, Pratteln, Z7
19.04.18 DE, Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
20.04.18 DE, Leipzig, Hellraiser
21.04.18 CZ, Prague, Akropolis
22.04.18 SK, Kosice, Colloseum
23.04.18 HU, Budapest, Barba Negra
24.04.18 AT, Wien, Szene
25.04.18 DE, München, Backstage
26.04.18 DE, Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
27.04.18 DE, Bochum, Matrix
28.04.18 DE, Hamburg, Markthalle

Presented by Metal Hammer, DEAF FOREVER, Guitar Magazin, Kulturnews, metal.de, Firebird Industries & Dragon Productions

Tickets: dragon-productions.eu
Further info: facebook.com/heathencrusade

Album Full Stream / New Guitarist

Photo by Vincent Grundke

We’re back from Summer Breeze and we couldn’t ask for a better start of FINISTERRE! Our minds are still blown, thanks to everyone for joining our show and signing session and picking up a copy at the Season of Mist booth!

You can now stream the full album exclusively at smarturl.it/DWEFfullFinisterre

With this news it’s also time to let you know that our long-time guitarist Sascha Rissling decided to leave the band to pursue his own musical visions. Whenever possible he still will be active for our band behind the stage, setting up our gear and taking care of all the technical things that keep our shows running. We thank him for all his passion and time he put into DWEF and wish him the very best for his future! At the same time we want to introduce our new guitarist Nico who has already been our live guitarist for some shows in 2011 and now returned to fill in for Sascha. The past three shows with him including our release show at Summer Breeze went really well and we’re more than ready to finally put out FINISTERRE and get back on tour in September/October!

Photo by Emanuel Oropesa

Sascha comments:

“I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to DWEF in any way, shape or form over the past 6 years and everyone who is going to because I will be with the band behind the stage whenever possible and you might see me jump around before the show to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. This way I can keep working with my best friends.

This decision was definitely not easy and took a long time to develop but I just have to move on in a musical sense and free up my creative brain-space for my other band Fuck You And Die and a new metal band venture that is taking a huge part of my time, passion and care. If you would like to connect and catch up with me – feel free to hit me up on the socials. Please enjoy FINISTERRE, as it is a magnificent piece of art and I highly believe in Nikita’s way of creating music. Thank you again and see you soon! Probably sooner than you might think.

Sincerely, Sascha.”

Apart from this short statement he also created an in-depth post on his personal blog, explaining the very reasons behind his decision and recalling the past years with some pictures and memories. Read the whole story here: sascharissling.com/leavingdwef

3rd Track Premiere: Aufbruch

It was quite a hard task to pick the right song to open our new album, especially when there were only four songs to choose from. But with its furious and blasting kick-off, right after a reflective, somewhat mysterious intro (that has been cut off for this premiere, but you will find it on the album), we settled for ‘Aufbruch’ as the best candidate. Being the fastest song of our discography so far, it features a wide range of dynamics and instrumentation and thereby perfectly represents the whole album. We have also taken the vocal performance to a new level by adding different chorale-like clean voices that we have been experimenting with since ‘Stellar’. This is what DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT sounds like today, hope you enjoy it!

Sekpsis Part I:

Skepsis Part II:

Preorder FINISTERRE here:
shop.derwegeinerfreiheit.de (Band)
smarturl.it/DWEFinisterre (Season of Mist)
emp.me/UJ2 (EMP)
smarturl.it/DWEF_Merch (Impericon.de)

Listen on Spotify:

2nd Track Premiere: Skepsis Part I

We are delighted to present the first half of our full ‘Skepsis’ opus, which is completing the picture that started to emerge, when we premiered ‘Skepsis Part II’ last month. It did not seem a good idea to introduce our new full-length ‘Finisterre’ with an instrumental, but now its time has come. Instrumentals have always played an important role on our albums and this one makes no exception. ‘Skepsis Part I’ comes with a more complex and progressive composition in comparison with the rather straight-forward and aggressive second part. Although both are separate tracks, we see them as connected and forming one single epic piece. Hopefully, you will like it as much as we do.

Skepsis Part II:

Preorder FINISTERRE here:
shop.derwegeinerfreiheit.de (Band)
smarturl.it/DWEFinisterre (Season of Mist)
emp.me/UJ2 (EMP)
smarturl.it/DWEF_Merch (Impericon.de)

Listen on Spotify:

1st Track Premiere + Preorder Start

We are extremely stoked to finally be able to present the first new track taken from our upcoming album FINISTERRE. In comparison to the quite complex and progressive instrumental ‘Skepsis Part I’, the now premiered ‘Skepsis Part II’ is a more straight forward composition, in which epic melodies are aggressively building up until the doomy grand finale. Ultimately, we consider both parts of ‘Skepsis’ to be connected and forming one extensive musical piece. This lyric video also provides an impression and closer look at the extensive album artwork, which was created by our friend Max Löffler once again. Enjoy!

Video by oropesa.de


New Album Details revealed

Today we reveal the cover art of our upcoming 4th full-length album entitled: FINISTERRE

The whole album artwork is once again done by the talented Max Löffler and the tracklist is as follows:

1. Aufbruch
2. Ein letzter Tanz
3. Skepsis Part I
4. Skepsis Part II
5. Finisterre

The album will be released on various formats and limited editions (+bonustrack) on August 25th via Season of Mist. The 1st track premiere and preorder start will follow very soon!

To shorten the wait we are presenting you 3 studio videos covering the recordings and life during the sessions at Ghost City Recordings: